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Michael, 31 years: My current status :    I would like to video chat with some one.  Is there any one who wants to talk on camera with me right now?  Welcome to my profile       Good things about me!!!!!   I listen  well  I'm a nice guy.  I'm honest.    I'm a good at cooking.  I'll pay some one to clean house. I still love with all my heart and soul and very deeply .. l pay the bills, I love kids  and I will accept yours if you got them already.  ... Bad things about me, I do not talk much. Sometimes over sensitive or too direct and up front and blunt.     I'm jealous and will always be on guard lol   OVER ALL IM A  GOOD MAN  FOR A OVERLY DEVOTED GIRL     BUT IF YOU LIKE MEN TO MUCH OR IF YOU LIKE TO FLIRT WITH OTHERS  WE WILL NOT GET ALONG....     I DONT DO THOSE THINGS AND NEITHER CAN YOU IF YOU WANT ME TO BE IN YOUR LIFE.  IM A OLD SPIRIT  SET IN OLD WAYS    SOME PEOPLE LIKE TO BE  ALWAYS MOVING AROUND BUT I LOVE TO BE HOME AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE..  I'M HAPPY JUST LAYING OR SETTING  AND HOLDING EACH OTHER OR HAVING YOUR HEAD ON MY CHEST WHILE I READ THE NEWS PAPER OR MY FAVE BOOK.. IM ALSO A FORMER US ARMY Soldier.    AND HAVE A NICE INCOME NO MATTER WHAT I DO   I STILL GET THE SAME AMOUNT IM RETIRED WITH PAY FROM MY WAR INJURY. WELL LIKE ME OR HATE ME I GOT NO TIME FOR GAMES.   GOD BLESS AND HAPPY DATING
online Michael (31)
Jim, 66 years: I am happy with my life , but something is missing hope to find someone to fill what is missing
online Jim (66)
Margie, 24 years: im single,
online Margie (24)
Celio D, 48 years: I can describe myself as a responsible man living a simple life with usual needs, i have good heart and lot of humour but i can be sometimes imperfect as anyone else can be.  I am rather humble than boostful because in Europ, at contrary of USA, we dont discrimate any family  based on level of poverty, occupation or study or color , but we try to appreciate every positive inner part of a person. I stored enough experiences in my life to handle life in mature and reflected ways .    I was raised into Catholic Religion but my view of life became closer to the Christian views with more rational thought than simply thinking that  God will just guide us like pupets anywhere we go . I think God lets us free to go  wherever we want to step our feet in good or bad places but we have to follow the good sense of empathy.   For you to know , I am not here for Sex as many naughty guys will always try to have from you coz I think physical love and Romantic Love are both undissociable. Love is probably like eating together a sweet delicious fruit but surely not to taste a green fruit and throw the rest right away like many guys do with innocent young ladies.  To be honest I wish much more to enjoy Good hugs than to think about something else with you ...  Listen to my friend Henry abt advices to avoid common mistakes , that Filippinas are doing , when dating foreigners : > Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5    About this point, be well aware that many guys coming in Asia are innocence-hunters, they hunt poor credule ladies who never go out of their town by promising them a good Marriage and I am so sad after 2months here to hear many Ladies having same sad story.   I know my profile is not appropriate place for that , but just Be aware of this, if you have only one thing to remember from me.     By the way I am separated but I would like to build a new family with our own children with you(at least 5 kids, since my medical unsurance anyway will full pay free BaBy deliveries in hospital !! :lol)  if I have the chance to meet a loving & honest sweetheart.    Don't ask me why I still want kids , I just like Babies and I am not afraid to raise children  We know all that  Guys making Babies are easy to find , but it s less easy to find good Fathers.   For the mean time I wish good luck to all of you, to find a good man,being a friend, a husband and a father.    Be Careful AND  be Happy !
online Celio D (48)
Joseph, 66 years: Suche eine ehrliche Partnerin, die ihr Leben mit mir hier in Deutschland verbringen möchte.   Familienleben ist  sehr wichtig.
online Joseph (66)
Merrygypse Rose, 18 years: honest,pretty,helpful,smiling face with dimple
online Merrygypse Rose (18)
Davao City

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