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First name Rio
Age 61 years
Country Italy 
City Firenze

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Danica, 25 years: i am studied . i easily appreciate even litle things around me,im sweet,im lovable,im humble,i dont want to make things complicated ,i always think in a positive way so that i want be stress in life ,i am family oriented ,i am sensitive, towards the feeling of other ,i loved adventures i love exploring things especially its new to me,im understanding,im kind of course im down to earth ,i also love sports swimming and dancing and singing i love music, everything that make me  interested and most of all i ma god fearing
online Danica (25)
Cebu City
Michael, 31 years: My current status :    I would like to video chat with some one.  Is there any one who wants to talk on camera with me right now?  Welcome to my profile       Good things about me!!!!!   I listen  well  I'm a nice guy.  I'm honest.    I'm a good at cooking.  I'll pay some one to clean house. I still love with all my heart and soul and very deeply .. l pay the bills, I love kids  and I will accept yours if you got them already.  ... Bad things about me, I do not talk much. Sometimes over sensitive or too direct and up front and blunt.     I'm jealous and will always be on guard lol   OVER ALL IM A  GOOD MAN  FOR A OVERLY DEVOTED GIRL     BUT IF YOU LIKE MEN TO MUCH OR IF YOU LIKE TO FLIRT WITH OTHERS  WE WILL NOT GET ALONG....     I DONT DO THOSE THINGS AND NEITHER CAN YOU IF YOU WANT ME TO BE IN YOUR LIFE.  IM A OLD SPIRIT  SET IN OLD WAYS    SOME PEOPLE LIKE TO BE  ALWAYS MOVING AROUND BUT I LOVE TO BE HOME AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE..  I'M HAPPY JUST LAYING OR SETTING  AND HOLDING EACH OTHER OR HAVING YOUR HEAD ON MY CHEST WHILE I READ THE NEWS PAPER OR MY FAVE BOOK.. IM ALSO A FORMER US ARMY Soldier.    AND HAVE A NICE INCOME NO MATTER WHAT I DO   I STILL GET THE SAME AMOUNT IM RETIRED WITH PAY FROM MY WAR INJURY. WELL LIKE ME OR HATE ME I GOT NO TIME FOR GAMES.   GOD BLESS AND HAPPY DATING
online Michael (31)
Jane, 21 years: im a simple girl with a simple dream and that is to help my family especially my parents to have a good life ... i hope i can find a man who will love me and my family ...
online Jane (21)
Manila Cit
online Manny (69)
William, 63 years: I need a woman young enough to give me children and old enough to no longer be a child herself.  She must love me hard and the rest of our family soft, and both with all her heart.  She needs to love letting me please her and then must need me like crazy. She needs to be well presented, but not necessarily a show horse.  She needs to be intelligent, at least somewhat educated and ambitious for herself and her family.  She must be courageous and cooperative as a teammate.    I will love her completely and make as many of her dreams come true as I can.    We could have a great life.  Without being disrespectful, I am not interested in anyone who is still a virgin.  It is just too much work and trouble for me.
online William (63)
Marry, 26 years: want to find a serious relationship that can lead to marriage
online Marry (26)

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