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First name Michael
Age 53 years
Country Australia 
City Sydney

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Nelia, 44 years: simple,honest,loving,sweet..know how to treat a man...
online Nelia (44)
Cagayan De
Ernst Harry, 63 years: Now - a new installation - again - with some corrections :-)  Before considering me as partner you should understand / comprehend that an old love still means "LOVE" otherwise it was never LOVE - ok!   Love is universal and not what most people think about it or what they usually tend to define as "LOVE" in special cases as a partnership.  Also it counts for all living creatures without limits.  Love is not only our risen heart beat or pulse, but also our respect to the other individual no matter you are in relationship with this person or just meet someone in the streets - maybe only for once in your life...  I do wish more people would understand better the meaning of love....  Now coming back to my own...  When I read all these profiles in many pages as this one it's almost everywhere the same.  People are looking either very simple for a true loving and trustworthy person to be supported in their needs (mind, soul, body - often economically which is no flaw primarily!!).  But they all never consider the real details what will be faced when two people want to come together from different cultures, different life situations, with or without much money - things like that.  And most fail because of such reasons and also lacking the needed flexibility from BOTH sides to work for longer, maybe several years, together in ONE direction - their own achievements.  I am sure this needs some more knowledge which is not with everyone here and there...  And it needs a good level of written and oral communication and last costs money as we know - and many women aren't able to invest this money every time when it's needed.  Also - I learned from many experiences that most people - also women - are TOO LAZY writing e-mails maybe every day.  But personal engagement is the first which is needed always in starting something new - no matter if this is a new job or a new relationship.  Despite the many "bad" people in this area there is NO OTHER CHANCE than doing so or else one will never get what (s)he wants.  All of you should more think before you argue or feel desperate or insulted - for good or maybe also for no reason!!!  Lesson finished!  Now my wishes:  x1. Enough knowledge in English for broadminded communication - otherwise I can't help you right now - maybe later.  x2. I am looking for correspondence with people of all countries (know that this text is similar shown in other pages!!!).  x3. I want to make friends with many people and I hope that in the future we can put up some peoples' network which should later be able to influence the whole community by each of us - teaching, learning, helping....and build up a new kind of society.  x4. If there should be one who could follow my ideas and this is only a part of many others I have in my mind, wants to give me a lifelong company as partner, she is always welcome for a deeper communication. But she must know that we MUST both exchange our knowledge of our home languages which will be an extra load for both of us.   There is no other way as we both need to communicate with others later on in each language as there is Tagalog the official one and also the many other dialects and for Germany you would need always a certification to be allowed for residence.  The explanation is very simple why this must be done: You don't want to leave behind all your friends, your home, your family - things like that and me not either. Also some rules of each nations should be followed or certain contracts are better kept from one or the other country...  So whoever knows what I am talking about - is welcome for a try in matter of relationship as life partners!!  All others should know, that I will advice everyone for no money if they want to know anything about my country or whatever.  But you must ask and mostly it's done only written because I have not much time for chatting which is also done only with my close people. One day has only 24 hours and you all know that - right?  So have a good time hopefully and if not d
online Ernst Harry (63)
Dani, 55 years: :-)      Helloooo....!                        Thank you very much - I am very lucky and happy that you visit me here!  I am Dani and I am looking for your love. I am besides:	 •	single •	swissmade •	engineer, internet publisher and journalist (if I want, and when it may be, I have a pretty sharp tongue ... ) •	while meanwhile a little bit older, I am usually still not estimated more than 35 - rather than vice versa ... •	not hairy, but tenderly, clean and healthy (tested virus free), •	neither stubborn nor wishy-washy, •	with quite good knowledges in french (mainly orally ... ) and lots of fun with conversation - and not only in French ... ; -) •	my favorites: 	- love, culture, humor; 	- music, photography, design, internet; 	- reading and writing; 	- travelling, hiking, cycling, flying, skiing; 	- outings, food, beverage; 	- chatting, laughing; •	some of it I can also do with my mates company, but for the most important thing I miss: ... a female ... ... to listen, to see, to smell, to feel, to taste, to enjoy and to spoil, yes ...  If you are the woman,  who is looking for an experienced, established, understanding, exceptional, neither ugly nor stupid lover, friend and partner, not only for its monetary and its gene pool (family reasons and so), that would be greatful, not to say: giga cool ...  Hope to get your message soon...  Thank you...                         ...Dani
online Dani (55)
Mo, 50 years
online Mo (50)
Lake Of Co
Sonia, 32 years: I am a simple person desiring to have true love and i am very much interested in  having a true and lasting relationship and i like to play sport like tennis badminton  and volley ball and like to take care of my home and keep my home clean always and i am not here to play. I am have been hurt before i don't want to be hurt again.
online Sonia (32)
Grace, 28 years: I am looking for a serios guy willing to communicate to my family,pls if u here just only play games and waisting my time dnt contact me etheir here searchin for love..i am serious undertanding lookng for man whos down to earth understanding.i live alone with my apartment,who are serios thats mine and who
online Grace (28)
Cebu City

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