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Filipino Kisses let opportunies for many people to find love and hapiness, and they're proud to share it with you.

Charles y Airene 15 Mar 2015 Histórias de éxito
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First of all i would like to thank FK which made it possible that i could meet Airene,the love of my life.
We were chatting in FK for about 3 month when i decided to visit her in the Philippines. Our first apointement was in the bus-terminal of Cebu - oh my god:-)Searching each other under hundreds of people suddenly she stood in front of me. A look in her eyes,a first little kiss she took my hand and i knew - it was love at first sight.She is such a beautiful woman,in- and outside, so sensible and sensitive and full of loving emotions.And she is a good caring and warmhearted mother for her 3 sons. I never could imagine that it could happen to me meeting a woman like her. She really make all my dreams come true. I enjoy every single moment with her. During the last year i visited her another 3 times.I feel so clear and strong that she is the woman i always searched for and that i wanna spend the rest of my life with her. So we got engaged the last year and are now on the way with our preparetions to get married.And i know and feel already that it will be the most wonderful day of my life.I feel so happy and gifted by god gaving me the chance to cross her way.
May all of you here in FK searching for your love have the same luck as i had -- good luck and god bless and thanks again to FK.
Charles & Airene

TESS y LOUIS 13 Mar 2015 Histórias de éxito
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goals had been attained.and now living together happily ...

our myriad thanks to Filipinokisses for being the bridge to where and what we are now. We had a lot lessons learnt on this site,we failed but we succeeded also at the long run. therefore, for everyone who have serious intentions, just keep on.


jeralyn y ben4429 12 Mar 2015 Histórias de éxito
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We having a baby soon. Thanks filipino kisses.

Joan y Charles 13 Feb 2015 Histórias de éxito
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Hello FilipinoKisses site!

Am back again in Malaysia after 5 years and 8 months when my boyfriend decided i wont be working oversea anymore. Our secont time of meeting here in my place ILOILO, PHILIPPINES.

At first we were not prepared it was April - May 2014. Now he came back again DEC 31 2014 - FEB 8, 2015. Like other Pinays here me also is now happy and i was engaged last January 06, 2015 :) :) with my German - Swizz boyfriend.

We went back to Makati in Switzerland Embassy to pass our requirements for the wedding. Right now he is back in SWITZERLAND and im home to wait for six months for his Legal Capacity Certificate and we register our marriage and i follow him to Switzerland.

More than happiness i feel since the first time we met and the love is more stronger everyday!!!!

Thank you Filipino Kisses i truly found the man of my life....
We are already four years now...

(no fotos to be uploaded hehe)

Josephine y Michael 09 Jan 2015 Histórias de éxito
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Hi everyone me and my fiancee first met on here in this site in August 2013 and we began chatting together on Facebook, after we got to know each other we found we both we're looking for the same thing we both sort a loving lasting relationship and commitment to each other for life, and after many months of patience we are now finally together here in Philippines and we got engaged on 26 December and are now planning our wedding in April 2015.
Thanks god for bringing us together I know we are going to be very happy and that our lives will be blessed now..thank you very much Filipino kisses for helping us to find true love..god bless ..
Mickey & Josephine ....

Jessica y Heinz-Manfred 09 Jan 2015 Histórias de éxito
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I would like to express my thankfulness on this site. I finally found my man of my life. Since I sign up here at last I met my love and passion unconditionally. Thanks God I met my soulmate, my partner, my bestfriend,my true love forever and ever. I'm very much inlove with him and I want him for the rest of my life.....

Forever Babe and Sweety....

More power FK....good luck everyone....

y 03 Jan 2015 Histórias de éxito
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John y Lorena 04 Dec 2014 Histórias de éxito
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I and my wife would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to this site. Weve met on this site around 2010 then we continously communicating. Til we decided to met 2012. We got married this year and my wife will be with me soon! To all of you who are searching don't lose hope. We deserve to be happy and we will find that happiness to the one who deserve us.

God speed to all of you and stay bless! John and Lorena :)

Jerry y Cristy 03 Dec 2014 Histórias de éxito
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Hello to all and a big THANK YOU to Filipino Kisses!!

Cristy and I met on Filipino Kisses in early April. After emailing, talking on the phone and Skype for 3 months we decided to meet in person. We met in person in June. We were together for a month and we both knew that we were in love. I asked Cristy if she would honor me by becoming my wife. It was absolute joy when Cristy said yes. We were married on October 15th 2014. We are now going through the process of getting Cristys Spousal Visa and we will be together in the UK very soon. We are very much in love and happy. I would like to thank Cristys family for accepting me and making me very welcome to the family. I love Cristy and her family.

Keep the faith.

Thanks and praise to God for our love.

God bless you all,
Jerry and Cristy

Marilyn y Kevin 02 Dec 2014 Histórias de éxito
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I'm here in Filipinokisses not to search but to say I and Kevin want to say thank you for your help in finding each other here back past two years ago.

We started chatting 2012 and he came over to Taiwan to see me in person last year November..well I can say love at first sight because I admired him so much on our first date.
He is gentleman,handsome,lovable,respectful and very good man..The man of my dream. Then this year we got married in the Philippines last May 09.
We are both happy on the day of our marriage.
Now I'm just waiting for my visa to go to Him and to live with Him very soon.
I am proud Of him the only man of my life..

To all single ladies and single man out there keep searching and looking and do not give up. IN THE RIGHT TIME YOU WILL Find THE TRUE AND EVetLASTING romance in your life!!!

Goodluck and more power Filipinokisses!!

We thank you so much..

y 19 Nov 2014 Histórias de éxito
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Evelyn y Brian 26 Oct 2014 Histórias de éxito
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Hi everyone!

I joined here to find my soul mate, a man who respects me, loves and cares for me and most of all accepts me who i am. I met the love of my life here and I'm so grateful and lucky to have him in my life now.
We started exchanging emails here then continued writing to our personal email. I didn't expect that after a month of exchanging emails and chatting we developed real feelings for each other...
Then we just recently met with each other for a week and we had so much fun, happiness, contentment and compatibility with each other. We have already so many plans for the future and I'm so blessed that i found the right one. I deserve to have a second chance to be happy again despite of all the struggled in my past life but now i can say that he is the one I'm been longing for so long and i surely say that this is forever.....
I truly believe that we destined with each other....that's why I'm so thankful in this site because in this site. I found the love of my life....To all members here: don't give up! Continue seeking until you will find the right one.

Thanks again and More Power!

Hi Everyone,

I uploaded again some photos of our 2nd holidays together,this time we proved ourselves how strong our love is....nothing gonna stop us...we had a fantastic time,so much fun with each other.Never in my life I've experienced this kind of feeling and i can't believe that i found the right man for me who truly love me,that all my dreams came true,it seems that's only a fantasy but i knew it really happened in my life now.He complete me and changed my life,he let me experienced what I'm not been before.He gave me hopes,inspirations,courage and a better future ahead.I promise to myself that this is the man i will love forever and to be with me for the rest of my life.
I love you so much my Alexander...your my life now and without you i rather die.I never ever let you go and never ever break your heart...mwaahhh!!!
We just hope that our love story can help or will inspire to the others or to those who really want to find his/her fate and destiny.
Good-luck and select the best!

Hi Everyone,

I'm back and wanted to say, the waiting was over>>>>we made it! We got married last September 13, 2014 and it was amazing...wonderful...successful...and so special day of our lives. Nothing gonna stop us now and can't wait to be my husband soon in England.
Again, in behalf of my husband, we would to extend our deepest gratitude to Filipinokisses cos without this site, I did not met the right one for me. Thank you and More Power!

Maria teresa y ricky 14 Oct 2014 Histórias de éxito
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Thank you fk, for the wonderful experience you given us. Now we're finally lived happily together here in Los Angeles ca. This site is trusted and useful. Hope some searchers find luck here. Thank you very much fk.

Brian y Evelyn 13 Oct 2014 Histórias de éxito
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We met on FK in October 2010 and have just spent our first week together. We are very much in love and want to spend the rest of life together. We want to thank Filipino Kisses for giving us the chance to find each other, ours is a true love story and the proof that honest and careing people can find each other. It works and we are so in love, THANK YOU.

On September 13th 2014 we were finally married in Cordova Cebu. Thank you again filipino kisses, it really works. You changed our lives and brought to people together who are very much in love

Tissa y Christine 08 Oct 2014 Histórias de éxito
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Thanks heaps Filipino Kisses for helping us to find our other half.

Our story is amazing! Chris and I started chatting in July this year. We realized it was love at first chat. Then just a few weeks after I flew to Manila to be with her. After spending a day with Chris we got engaged at a very special Manila land mark, "Baclaran Church'. I met most of Christine's friends and some family members who were all very accommodating me.

I am happy to find my new family. I have come back to New Zealand now but we are working on our visa so that my fiancee can be with me soon.

Don't give up your search everyone.

You are in a great place to find your life partner.

Thanks once again Filipino Kisses.

Hazel y Rafał 03 Oct 2014 Histórias de éxito
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Me and my Fiance would like to extend our gratitude to this site for making the Impossible-"Possible". I am very thankful for i have found my partner in life. I am already 1 month here in Poland and absolutely enjoying my stay together with my partner, he is just a person who make God the center of our relationship. Probably next year we'll be in Philippines to visit my whole family and let him experience the Filipino way of living. I am coping up with also to be used and learn the European way of living and i am still in the stage of adjusting to a new environment,culture, weather and especially the language and hopefully i will learn their language as much as i can because to let you know polish is just a hard language to learn and this is what i can say to myself "Good luck" :D
Anyway, to everyone on this site who is still finding their true and real love just don't lose hope because i know in a right time you will find your own and one happy ending. :))

Dziękuję and have a good one fella! :) <3
Rafał & Hazel <3

Steve y Ruby 27 Aug 2014 Histórias de éxito
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I'm happy to have met my perfect match.
Sincere thanks to Filipino Kisses....
For kisses I will go on to enjoy forever.

john y Gladys 10 May 2014 Histórias de éxito
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I'm so glad to have met my Gladys here in this site.

She just 20 and a lot of guys contacted her. But she has picked me!

She is from Manila and I'm from London.

Who would have thought a guy like me would find love here:-)

Thank you Filipinokisses and good luck for all!


Mariane Carrow y Lionel Carrow 18 Mar 2014 Histórias de éxito
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Hello to Everyone !

First I want to say thank you so much for the Filipinokisses site because I found my real and true love forever our relationship was so very happy and very strong our love was so special no one can break of us we are talking here a long hours everytime I talk him my loving Husband Lionel Carrow I feel soooooooooooooo very happy my Day was complete he is my Inspiration in my Everyday Life. I met him last May 2011 he is so nice person very loving for me he is perfect Husband in the whole world we are engage now everything will be alright soon he will Marry me first in the Philippines then second wedding in New York I can't wait the Day to come our special moment I know we both very happy to be a Husband and Wife as soon as possible we got Married I will upload our Wedding Pictures here. Me and my Husband are so thankful to this site because we found each other we are so very very Happy now I always love you until to the rest of our life only you my love in my Heart ! And also I want to include my Mother in law Mommy Arlene Smith she is so good mother in law to me Mom thank you so much for always there and support with us thank you soooooooooo much for everything & thanks for like me to be your Daughter in law it's my pleasure see you soon Mom Me and Your Son we loves you so so so so so so so so so so so so much please stay good Health !

To all Women in this Site please don't give up to find your soulmate please just be patience time will come for your Destiny. Goodluck to Everybody !

Lionel and Mariane

Rosalie y Peter 16 Mar 2014 Histórias de éxito
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Glad we are married... We're together here in Germany...Thanks FK..


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